A Sense of Community

Tweet The sense of community can be an essential piece to a successful classroom.  Nearly all teachers strive to create community in their classrooms in the first weeks of school and try to keep that feel throughout the year.  But how? I’ve talked to many teachers about this topic and we all seem to agree […]

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Change from The Ground Up

Tweet Education, in some areas is changing and, if it’s not, it needs to be.  I firmly believe that in order for this to happen successfully, we teachers need to be the driving force.  No longer can we sit back and have change happen from the top down.  Instead change needs to happen from the […]

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My Biggest Need – Time

Tweet My biggest need as a professional is time, and in particular, time to collaborate with other teachers. There is just no time to do what I really want to do at the level of quality that I would like to do it.  I am fortunate enough to have an hour long prep time each […]

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Needs of Today's Teachers

Tweet In today’s educational system, teachers find themselves in need, especially if they want to integrate, collaborate and educate the WHOLE child! Here is a list of some needs I hear about daily in schools and online. Less stress from high stakes testing Quality professional development in everything from new methodologies to brain research Freedom […]

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New Website is Almost Ready

Tweet I am so excited about the new website I am building through WordPress.  YAY!  It’s almost ready to launch and the only thing that will hold it back a few days/weeks will be connecting it to our actual domain name of www.theinspiredclassroom.com.  If you want a sneaky peak, here is where the new website […]

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How Arts are Connected to 21c. Skills

The arts are not just about expressing your emotions, they are much more than that. An education in the arts can really develop most of those skills referred to in previous blogs, those critical skills that students need to succeed. Maybe innovation and creativity is obvious, but what about some of the others?

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High Stakes Testing

Tweet This is my vacation week – February vacation – and I am enjoying it greatly. The thing is, I know that when I get back to work on Monday, everything is going to hit. In fact a couple other teachers and I call it boot camp – MCAS boot camp. We will be in […]

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Skills Our Students Need

Tweet In the last blog, I threw out ideas about how our society is changing and how that is affecting the workforce of the future and the current trends of education. But now, let’s look at other effects this will have on our children or, more accurately, what skills they will need to succeed now […]

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Workforce Preparedness

Tweet At a workshop I conducted just last week, we got into a small discussion about 21st century skills and workforce preparedness. One person echoed a statement I’ve heard many times before: We are preparing students for jobs that haven’t even been invented yet. We do, in fact live in a global society that is […]

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