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4 Tips for Helping Parents Help their Children Read


Tweet Please welcome Alvina Lopez who brings us a great list to share with parents.  I plan to use this post for Literacy Month by adding a link in an email to parents.  It is our hope you find this useful!  ~EMP Most parents, starting from when their children are very young, become anxious about […]

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Teaching Language Arts Using 1:1 Technology


Tweet 1:1 technology implies that each student in a classroom has access to a piece of effective technology be it a computer, laptop, tablet or other electronic devise.  Many classrooms across the country and around the world are implementing, this while others are barely there…yet!   It may be the classroom of the future for some […]

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Similarities Between Running a Business and Teaching Students

Tweet Today, we have Elaine Hurst writing about how running a business and teaching can be similar. This interesting perspective can help us to see that what we do each day in the classroom is really getting our students ready for the read world.  There is so much in our hidden curriculum that is highlighted […]

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How to Naturally Encourage Artistic Development in Young Children

handprints  multicolor

Tweet Today, Daniela Baker shares some easy-to-do activities that will help develop the creative side of your child.  Enjoy!  ~EMP It is important for parents to understand that physical development and cognitive development do not occur at the same rate.  While physical development may progress over a period of years, creativity peaks during the early childhood.  […]

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Make Writing Fun Early On

boy writing

Tweet Sarah Morris, from Primrose preschools, shares a post with us today about how to cultivate a great love of literacy with children. ~EMP Young children love to imitate what the adults in their lives are doing. They will happily “clean” the house while Mom performs her chores or “mow” the lawn in imitation of […]

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The Digital Classroom

Tweet The digital age has brought about many changes in the way classes are taught. There are certainly a lot of ways technology has made learning easier, more fun and more interactive. Here are some useful examples of how technology has changed the future of learning: 1.   e Texts- gone are the days when […]

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Advanced College Education – Benefits, Opportunities & Myths

Tweet Enjoy this guest post which gives some points to ponder for teachers and other professionals as they consider advanced degrees.  ~EMP Some of the most successful people in the world, and the world’s richest man, didn’t pursue advanced college education. The cost of advanced education continues to grow, and the job forecast remains weak. […]

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Returning to School After 40?

Tweet When reaching or passing the age of 40, many reconsider their career choices. Am I on the right career path? Would I be happier or better able to provide for my family if I switched to a new career? Is it realistic to earn a degree around the age of 40? Returning to college […]

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