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Melissa Edwards is back to tell us about LiveBinders.  What’s more is she has provided a list of binders to use!  Thanks Melissa!  Be sure to follow her on Twitter @mwedwards.  She is a great resource for your PLN! ~EMP

When I was a classroom teacher, I had a 3 ring binder for EVERYTHING! I had one for each subject. I had ones for certain projects. I had ones for workshop materials. Needless to say, I had lots of binders (and not much room to store them). Now I have all kinds of digital content and unless I print out all those pages, there is no way for me to put that inforamtion in a 3 ring binder (which messes up my organization system).

LiveBinders has fixed that problem for me!

Think of Livebinders as a virtual 3 ring binder that you can put pretty much anything in. Webpage, PDF, image, video, text:  they all can go into a page organized for you. Each item can be on it’s own tab or you can further organize by using sub-tabs. You can even put LiveBinders inside LiveBinders inside LiveBinders!!

On the LiveBinders site, you can find lots of great binders others have created. You can copy those binders and place them on your shelf too. The Featured Binders area is a great place to look. While there are many binders related to technology topics and Web 2.0 tools, I think some of the best ones are related to instruction and full of resources!

Here is a collection of LiveBinders that I have found very useful. (Some are created by me, but most are not):

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Article by Melissa Edwards

After teaching 4th grade for seven years, with a focus on reading and writing, Melissa Edwards worked as a gifted education resource teacher for one year at a magnet school for the visual and performing Arts. While in the classroom, she focused on Problem-Based Learning and using technology in her classroom. Her favorite things to teach involve reading and writing, as well as using those to tap into students’ creativity and using problem-based learning as well as technology. Melissa believes technology can be used in various ways to meet the needs of all learners and to open up the world. In order to better prepare students for the future, technology must be a key component to and in their education. Now, as an instructional resource specialist for her county’s school system, Melissa helps teachers discover ways to use technology tools to meet the instructional needs of students.
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  1. Melissa, This is a great list! I too LOVE to use binders and finding this resource was, well a lot of fun. But the best part really is that you can look at the binders of others. This list is a great one to refer to, especially when searching for just the right one on the website can be overwhelming.

  2. Dean Matnz says:

    First of all thanks for including my Digital Storytelling binder in your list. I am honored to be mentioned with some of the other binder creators. I truly enjoy using LiveBinders for information collection and sharing of resources. The LiveBinder It toolbar option is great but their new collaboration feature is awesome. The creator of a binder can now invite others to contribute resources to a single binder via LiveBinder It and not use the original username/password to login to the original binder for editing.
    Finally, I invite you and your readers to join the Tina and Barbara (founders) of LiveBinders and I each month on Learn Central as we host a web show (The Knowledge Sharing Place) talking with educators across the country on trends in education.

  3. Thanks so much Melissa for spreading the word (even more) about LiveBinders. This is such a great list of binders, it really gives people a feel for the different types of applications. I’m on the site every day and couldn’t come with a better list! Thank you again!

  4. Melissa says:

    I am glad you all like my list. I didn’t start out thinking I was going to make a list of LiveBinders, but I kept finding ones one I liked that others had created. I created a page on my blog listing LiveBinders I liked so I could keep track. If anyone finds other great LiveBinders for me to add to my list, please let me know …

  5. bob shurman says:

    Wow thanks Livebinders help me a lot!

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